Freight railroading inspires.  From the mystery of fetching cars from dark corners of cities and customers to the drama of tonnage at speed, moving the freight is a way of life.  This page is dedicated to the railroaders who know the satisfaction of handling freight effectively and the fans who are called to share the story.  Thank you to all.

But a good story needs background information.  MovingTheFreight preserves and shares information so this grand ongoing story can continue to captivate future railroaders and fans.

You are welcome to save and share any documents you find here; all that is asked is that you acknowledge MovingTheFreight as the source.

As always, contributions of materials are definitely welcome.  Documents can scanned and returned, or scans shared if you possess the original.  Please share the locations of other helpful resources, and analysis of existing materials is most definitely welcome.  The story is immense so any help telling it is welcome.  If you would like to help, drop us a note.  Thank you in advance.

What’s New:

8/5/2021 – Lake Shore & Michigan Southern 1903 Freight Schedule and Pennsylvania 1949 Maryland Division freight schedule and 1941 Cars Handled Through Important Yards book.
7/9/2021 – Union Pacific 1928 list of industries with private sidings in California and Nevada.
6/5/2021 – Norfolk Southern Terminal Zone Map books for Detroit, Fort Wayne, and Lafayette.
5/9/2021 – Union Pacific 1924 Passenger Train Consists and Southern 1959 Merchandise Car Schedule.
4/25/2021 – Conrail 1987 Marion OH tower sheets added.
4/20/2021 – Union Pacific 1961 Perishable and Manifest Schedule and 1963 Northwest District local schedules.
4/18/2021 – More Maine Central dispatcher sheets from 1945 and 1947.
4/11/2021 – Penn Central 1972 freight schedule supplement.
4/8/2021 – Lehigh and New England 1904 dispatcher sheets and a Vandalia 1911 timetable.
4/6/2021 – Norfolk & Western 1973 Freight Schedule.
4/6/2021 – New MILW, CNW, and BN dispatcher sheets, and new PRR/PC Summit Station tower sheets.
3/26/2021 – Canadian Pacific 1950 and 1978 condensed freight schedules added.
3/25/2021- Soo Line 1964 Freight Train schematic added.
3/12/2021 – Large collection of Southern Pacific dispatcher sheets from Texas.
3/9/2021 – C&O Detroit to Chicago 1985 inspection trip.  Also new Soo Line and Southern Pacific freight schedules.
3/2/2021 – Canadian National 1962 and 1970 Condensed Freight Schedules.
2/27/2021 – Missouri Pacific 1962 Sedalia and White River Division train order book.
2/16/2021 – Chicago & North Western 1983 and 1986 Freight Schedules.
2/10/2021 – Florida East Coast 1970 Condensed Freight Schedule.
1/29/2021 – Louisville & Nashville 1927 Carding and Grouping of Cars in Freight Trains book.
1/24/2021 – Erie Lackawanna 1969 Freight Schedule and Maine Central 1973 Freight Schedules.
12/19/2020 – Pennsylvania consists added and 1960 Freight Schedule reposted.
11/19/2020 – New York Central 1965 Freight Schedule supplement.
11/7/2020 – Erie Lackawanna 1973 Freight Schedule.
11/2/2020 – Norfolk & Western 1977 Freight Schedule.
11/1/2020 – Baltimore & Ohio 1971 Freight Schedule and a few D&H MB-2 and BM-3 train consists from 1954.
10/30/2020 – Grand Trunk Western 1985 Freight Schedule added.
10/17/2020 – Southern 1985 Freight Schedules and 1949 Knoxville Division dispatcher sheets added.
10/16/2020 – Missouri Pacific 1965 Circular 61 added.