Freight railroading inspires.  From the mystery of fetching cars from dark corners of cities and customers to the drama of tonnage at speed, moving the freight is a way of life.  This page is dedicated to the railroaders who know the satisfaction of handling freight effectively and the fans who are called to share the story.  Thank you to all.

But a good story needs background information.  MovingTheFreight preserves and shares information so this grand ongoing story can continue to captivate future railroaders and fans.

You are welcome to save and share any documents you find here; all that is asked is that you acknowledge MovingTheFreight as the source.

As always, contributions of materials are definitely welcome.  Documents can scanned and returned, or scans shared if you possess the original.  Please share the locations of other helpful resources, and analysis of existing materials is most definitely welcome.  The story is immense so any help telling it is welcome.  If you would like to help, drop us a note.  Thank you in advance.

What’s New:
10/17/2020 – Southern 1985 Freight Schedules and 1949 Knoxville Division dispatcher sheets added.
10/16/2020 – Missouri Pacific 1965 Circular 61 added.