Erie 3364 Binghamton 8-31-1945 Charles A Elston photo Gene Connelly collectionBinghamton NY, Charles Elston photo from Gene Connelly collection.

Freight Schedules

Erie Freight Schedule eastbound 2-15-1947
Erie Freight Schedule westbound 2-15-1947
Erie Miscellaneous Freight Schedule notes 1948-1950
Erie LCL Freight Service 10-10-1949
Erie Freight Schedules 10-12-1950
Erie Freight Schedules 4-28-1957
Erie Freight Schedules 10-28-1958

Operations Reports

Erie Train Situation 4-27-1960
Erie Train Situation 8-31-1960
Erie Susquehanna Delaware Division Operations Report 9-13 to 9-19-1960
-this is week of daily summaries of train operations on the Susquehanna and Delaware Divisions less than a month before the merger with the DL&W.  Unfortunately it is a carbon copy so some portions are challenging to read but it still gives a good snapshot of operations at the end of Erie independence.

Freight Train Consists

Erie Hornell Eastbound Consists 8-1958 and 1-1959 – a small collection of eastbound train consists out of Hornell in August 1958 and January 1959.

Passenger Train Consists

Erie Passenger Train Consist changes 2-15-1950

Employee Timetables

Erie Piermont Branch 1 11-1-1896
Erie Buffalo Division 7 6-26-1898

Other Resources has a 1941 Erie Freight Schedule here. has a 1930 LCL schedule here.  He also has employee timetables and other information on his site.