Delaware & Hudson

Freight Schedules

D&H USRA Manifest Freight Schedules 8-17-1919
D&H Through and Local Freight Trains 4-1-1956courtesy of
D&H Through Freight Schedule 5-15-1968courtesy of
D&H Schedule of Through Freight Trains 6-5-1970

Train Consists

D&H SU-3 and SU-4 Consists – Conductor J.H. Gallagher’s conductor book with consists of SU-3 and SU-4 between Oneonta and Kenwood Yard.

D&H MB-2 & BM-3 Consists – Conductor Joseph F. Gorgrant’s conductor book with consists of MB-2 and BM-3 between Mechanicville and Binghamton.

Other Resources

Multimodalways has a Freight Service Guide map from 1976. generously shared two freight schedules and has many great collections of photos and track charts reasonably priced for purchase. has an undated freight schedule.  Many of the officials are the same as the 1956 freight schedule from, so it would be roughly from that era.  Researching the dates the various officials held their listed positions could probably narrow the date down further.

Google has a 1922 Freight Shippers Guide available online.