Rock Island

CRIP Fort Worth J. Parker Lamb photo
Northbound leaving Fort Worth, August 1964.  Photograph by J. Parker Lamb, collection of the Center for Railroad Photography & Art,

Freight Schedules

CRIP Time Freight Schedules 10-25-1959 – this includes hand written updates that appear to update it to April 1960, though there is no way to know if these updates are complete.
CRIP Freight Schedules 8-1-1972 – this was originally posted on the Rock Island Technical Society.  I’m glad I had saved a copy before the unfortunate demise of that group.  If anyone objects to me sharing this, let me know.
CRIP Freight Train Schedules 3-1-1979courtesy of Union Pacific Historical Society, Tom Lee Collection

See the Superintendents’ Association of Kansas City Joint Freight Time Card 67 for outbound trains from Kansas City in 1942.


CRIP El Paso Amarillo Division 10 9-13-1925
CRIP Kansas Division 11-C 1-2-1910
CRIP Kansas Division Second District 49 7-21-1918
CRIP Missouri Division 4 11-26-1905
CRIP Missouri Division 36 9-27-1931
CRIP Southern Division Third District 7 6-30-1940
CRIP Southwestern Division 3 Supplement B 1-1-1898
CRIP Illinois Division 3 11-5-1967

Train Registers

West Liberty – 1946 – 47 register for the Cedar Rapids line at West Liberty

Dispatcher Sheets

CRIP Albert Lea to Estherville 6-4-1912
CRIP Estherville to Sioux Falls Des Moines to Watertown 3-28-1913 -scan of a photocopy
CRIP Fourteenth Sub 6-18-1973
CRIP Fourteenth Sub 6-18-1974
CRIP Fourteenth Sub 6-18-1975

October 25, 1975 sheets:
Second and Third Subs
Fourth, Ninth, and Tenth Subs
Four-B Sub
Fifth, Twelfth, and Sixteenth Subs
Eleventh, Twelfth, and Thirteenth Subs
Fourteenth Sub
Fifteenth and Seventeenth Subs
Quad Cities Terminal

January 1976 Quad Cities Terminal sheets:
January 22, 1976
January 23, 1976
January 24, 1976
January 25, 1976
January 26, 1976

Other Resources has a 1956 Freight Train Schematic here.  There are also many more employee timetables here and here.

A 1978 Freight Train Schematic is available in a message from the RockIslandLines group.

A Grain Elevator Guide from 1967 is available from the St. Louis Mercantile Library.