Pennsylvania Glass Sand Company

US Silica Mapleton LR MyersPresent day US Silica’s former Pennsylvania Glass Sand plant from Altoona Works Facebook page.

CR Pennsylvania Glass Sand carloadings 2-28-1983

This is a day’s list of outbound sand shipments from Pennsylvania Glass Sand’s Mapleton, PA plant.  Pennsylvania Glass Sand produced high quality glass making sand since the 1920’s and all of the shipments on this day are headed to glass plants.  Most of the sand moved in WNFR covered hoppers which remained true for decades after this 1983 date.

Jerry Britton has a PRR Mapleton page with older photos of the glass plant.  Railpace magazine has a several page article about the Conrail Mapleton sand local in the February 1991 issue.

Owens Illinois Volney Plant
Owens-Illinois South Volney, NY plant, one of the consignees.  From Owens-Illinois Volney Facebook page.