Boston & Maine


Freight Schedules

B&M Freight Symbol Book 57 4-26-1953
B&M Freight Symbol Book 70 10-25-1959courtesy of
B&M Freight Train Symbol Book 77 4-28-1963  – courtesy of
B&M Freight Symbol Book 78 10-27-1963 – courtesy of
B&M Freight Symbol Book 83 4-24-1966
B&M Freight Symbol Book 84 10-30-1966
B&M Through Freight Trains 4-25-1969  – courtesy of
B&M Through Freight Train Classifications 3-1-1972
B&M Through Freight Trains 6-27-1974courtesy of
B&M Through Freight Trains 8-24-1978courtesy of
B&M Through Freight Trains 1-12-1979 – courtesy of
B&M Through Freight Trains 1-12-1979 with undated updatescourtesy of
B&M Freight Symbol Book 12-1980


B&M North Station Track and Yard Book 56A 4-29-1925.   Admittedly this is mostly passenger related but there are a few milk trains included so it still pertains to Moving the Freight!
B&M North Station Track and Yard Book 37 5-21-1944
B&M Morton D Clark Jr Tower Notes -these are Morton D. Clark Jr.’s personal notes for working various tower operator jobs as probably a relief operator during the 1940’s.  There is also a letter addressed to him as Train Director at BX Tower in Fitchburg, but this might be his dad who also worked for the B&M (as did his son Morton Clark III).  In addition, there are a few notes from another memo book when Mr. Clark was working Ayer Tower later in his career during 1976 – 77.


B&M MEC StJ&LC Shippers Guide 1897-1898

B&M Doeskin Products Wheelwright Inbound Carloads 6-1956 – this a collection of inbound carloads bound for Doeskin Products at the end of the Wheelwright branch.  Doeskin was formerly named San-Nap-Pak Manufacturing and made feminine hygiene and other paper products.  Most of the inbound traffic was woodpulp from their Northampton area plant, though they also received a few carloads of finished paper products from their Rockland, DE factory.  The closing of the Wheelwright mill led to the abandonment of the branch.

B&M Central Mass misc carloads 6-1956 – a few miscellaneous inbound carloads to customers in Ware, the Colonial Press printing plant in Clinton, and Sterling.

B&M Conn River North Carloads 1-1981 to 01-1984 – monthly inbound and outbound carloads by customer courtesy of

B&M Hinsdale Location of Cars on Hand August to October 1973 – cars on spot at Hinsdale and Winchester NH with contents and track location courtesy of

Train Registers

B&M White River Jct. register 1-12 to 4-14-1981courtesy of

Train Consists

B&M X7 Reports Conn River trains 1979 – 1980 – mostly January and February 1979, but a few from September 1980 as well – courtesy of

Tower Sheets & Train Lineups

B&M Petersburg Jct. lineup 12-15-1953courtesy of
B&M Petersburg Jct. lineup 12-16-1953courtesy of
B&M Petersburg Jct. lineup 12-17-1953courtesy of
B&M East Deerfield 7-12-1977courtesy of
B&M East Deerfield 7-28-1977courtesy of

Other Resources has B&M track charts and photo collections available for purchase here in addition to the information generously shared above.

Earl Tuson maintains a great collection of Freight Train Symbol Books from 1915 – 1950.  His site also contains a few train consists.

The Boston & Maine Railroad Historical Society online archives has a 1955 listing of industries.  They also have a good selection of early employee timetables.

Melvin Photos has a data CD with a 1942 symbol book, freight schedules from 1976-1981, and a Boston Terminal classification book from 1954 (also available online from James Bokkelen’s Far Acres Farm B&M Page).