Chicago & North Western

CNW 4144 working Unit Drop Forge West Allis WI


CNW Ashland Division 79 1-19-1908
CNW Ashland Division 180 7-10-1938
CNW Galena Division 421 2-20-1938
CNW Galena 14 7-16-1961 – courtesy of Mark Petersen
CNW Galena Division Northern District 432 7-26-1941
CNW Iowa Div 68 5-29-1881 – reprint
CNW Iowa Division West of Boone 97 2-20-1938
CNW Lake Shore Division 16 11-20-1910
CNW Lake Shore Division 98 9-26-1937
CNW Lake Shore Division 99 4-24-1938
CNW Lake Shore Division 101 9-25-1938
CNW Lake Shore Division 103 9-24-1939
CNW Lake Shore Division 110 6-18-1943
CNW Lake Shore Division 114 4-27-1947
CNW Madison Division 329 12-15-1929
CNW Madison Division 363 6-26-1938
CNW Madison Division 364 9-25-1938
CNW Milwaukee Division 51 10-3-1875 – looks like an old reprint
CNW Milwaukee District Terminal 92 6-8-1930
CNW Milwaukee District Terminal 95 2-22-1931
CNW Milwaukee District Terminal 96 4-26-1931
CNW Milwaukee District Terminal 97 6-12-1931
CNW Milwaukee District Terminal 147 4-27-1947
CNW Milwaukee District Terminal 5 10-30-1955
CNW Northern Iowa Division 90 9-30-1900
CNW Northern Wisconsin Division 55 5-2-1915
CNW Peninsula Division 196 11-15-1936
CNW Wisconsin Division 365 4-29-1928
CNW Wisconsin Division 417 4-28-1940
CNW Wisconsin Division 437 4-25-1948
CStPM&O MILW Twin Cities Joint 317 11-28-1937
CStPM&O MILW Twin Cities Joint 324 11-27-1938
CStPM&O Eastern Division 89 6-26-1938
CStPM&O Nebraska Division 110 12-8-1907
CStPM&O Northern Division 29 10-2-1921
CStPM&O Wisconsin Division 7 12-22-1901

Freight Schedules

CNW Refrigerator Car Schedule 11-1-1916
CNW Condensed Freight Schedules 6-1-1960

CNW Freight Train Listings and misc schedules 1978-1979 – index pages to schedules, and a few miscellaneous schedule pages – courtesy of John Carr
CNW Freight Train Schedule 6-1-1983 – includes some updates through 12-1-1983 – courtesy of John Carr
CNW Freight Train Schedule 6-1-1986 – courtesy of John Carr
CNW Train Profile Summary 3-18-1991 – shows every train that operated on the CNW the previous 24 hours, including the schedule times – courtesy of John Carr

Dispatcher Sheets

CStPM&O Altoona Elroy 5-29-1954
CNW Lake Shore Division 11-14-1967
CNW Fond du Lac to Green Bay Ashland Marshfield 11-2-1974

Train Registers

CNW Hopkins MN 12-17-1961 to 3-25-1962

Freight Conductor Train Books

HJ Lees Conductor Book Boone 8-2 to 9-16-1895 
Elmore Eagle Grove Conductor Books


CNW Harry Damrau Timebook 4-28 to 9-11-1950 – Mr. Damrau was on the extra board working various yard jobs in the Milwaukee area.
CNW Harry Damrau Timebook 11-18-1950 to 2-7-1951 – During this period Mr. Damrau started out on yard jobs but began working trains 280 (Milwaukee – Proviso including handling merchandise from Milwaukee and Kenosha) and 295 (Proviso – North Green Bay).
CNW Harry Damrau Timebook 3-12 to 5-3-1953 – Mr. Damrau was working between Butler and Proviso on trains 282 (Antigo line traffic – Proviso, not sure of the exact origin point in 1953) and 479 (Proviso – Twin Cities).
CNW JT Brantl Time Claims 9-8-1966 to 9-22-1967 – Conductor JT Brantl was working the former M&StL between Cedar Lake and Albert Lea or Morton.  The book only has entries for days that Conductor Brantl put in claims, but it shows trains worked, cars handled, and sometimes has notes for work performed enroute. 

Miscellaneous Information

CNW Chicago Passenger Terminal Schedule 63 4-26-1925 – a photocopy bought on eBay, so not the highest quality but legible
CNW Chicago Passenger Terminal Schedule 141 4-25-1948
CNW Chicago Routing Guide 7-1-1954
CNW Industrial Development Highlights 1965
CNW Proposed Freight Service CGW CRIP Merger 5-1966 – this is a collection of maps showing proposed freight train schedules if the CNW were allowed to merge with the Rock Island.  Personally, I think this was much more for public relations purposes than an actual plan as it shows almost all the routes of the CNW, Rock, CGW, and M&StL maintaining through service, and even without including the Rock Island the CNW quickly abandoned much of the CGW and M&StL.
CNW Train 251 Consist Article 12-9-1952 – this is an article from the January 1953 North Western Newsliner about time freight operations.  It describes the consist of Train 251 and inbound connections that supplied it.
CNW Morning Report of Operating Department 4-2-1948 – mostly focused on passenger train performance, but there are a few notes about Wyoming refinery, cattle, and ore traffic.


Schlitz Beer to John Linder of Council Bluffs 1905 – 1907
Hortonville, WI area carloads in the early 1960’s
Mirro-Craft Boats from Manitowoc in 1965

Commodity Information

CNW Lumber Carload Freight Rates 1961
CNW Pulpwood and Woodchip Markets 1965
CNW Pulpwood Resources of the Black Hills 1964
CNW Superphosphate Consumption 1959

Station Record of Train Movements

CStPM&O Heron Lake Station Record of Train Movements 2-27-1924

Other Resources

The Chicago & North Western Historical Society has freight schedules available from 1965 and 1974.  They also have a Directory of Industries available.

Railroad Paper Collectibles has freight schedules available from 1980 and 1985. has a 1909 Chicago Depot and Yard Movements book and a 1976 Milwaukee carding book that lists many industries of the time.

Dennis Eggert has an excellent post on the CNW group describing 1970’s operations in Appleton (might have to be a member to view it).

Rails Unlimited has shippers guides available from 1923 and 1941 for sale.

Charles Hostetler’s Modeling the CNW in Milwaukee, 1957 blog has a wealth of information about commodity flows and customers for both the CNW and the rest of the country.  His approach to research is also as valuable as the information he discovers.