Milwaukee Road



MILW Chicago & Council Bluffs Division in Iowa 88 12-5-1897
MILW Chicago & Milwaukee Division 13 10-31-1920
MILW Chicago & Milwaukee Division 21 4-30-1922
MILW CBQ Twin Cities Joint Timetable 57 7-5-1914
MILW CBQ Twin Cities Joint Timetable 65 4-29-1934
MILW CBQ Twin Cities Joint Timetable 66 5-20-1934
MILW CBQ Twin Cities Joint Timetable 81 9-24-1939
MILW CStPM&O Twin Cities Joint Timetable 317 11-28-1937
MILW CStPM&O Twin Cities Joint Timetable 324 11-27-1938
MILW Dubuque & Illinois 26 9-25-1949
MILW Hastings & Dakota 17 9-30-1951
MILW Iowa 167 6-2-1918
MILW LaCrosse & River First District 28 1-14-1951
MILW LaCrosse & River Second District 45 6-24-1951
MILW Milwaukee Second District 2-2-1936

Dispatcher Sheets

MILW Illinois Division 3-11-1919
MILW Illinois Division 3-12-1919
MILW Illinois Division 9-24-1923
MILW Illinois Division 9-25-1923
MILW Dubuque Illinois Division 11-26-1946
MILW Dubuque Illinois Division 11-27-1946
MILW Kansas City 6-22-1978
MILW Kansas City 10-2-1982
MILW Terre Haute 12-05-1984
MILW Terre Haute 12-06-1984
MILW Terre Haute 12-07-1984
MILW Terre Haute 12-08-1984
MILW Terre Haute 12-09-1984
MILW Terre Haute 12-10-1984
MILW Terre Haute 12-11-1984
MILW Terre Haute 12-12-1984
MILW Terre Haute 03-19-1985
MILW Terre Haute 03-20-1985
MILW Terre Haute 03-21-1985
MILW Terre Haute 03-22-1985
MILW Terre Haute 03-23-1985
MILW Terre Haute 03-24-1985
MILW Terre Haute 03-27-1985
MILW Terre Haute 03-28-1985
MILW Terre Haute 03-29-1985
MILW Terre Haute 03-30-1985

Train Order Books

MILW West End (KC) Train Dispatcher Order Book 11-5 to 11-8-1980
MILW West End (KC) Dispatcher Train Order Book 2-15 to 2-17-1982

Train Registers

MILW Ottumwa 11-20-1984 to 11-28-1985

Freight Schedules

MILW Condensed Freight Schedule 11-01-1959
MILW Condensed Freight Schedule 3-1-1960
MILW Condensed Freight Schedule 11-01-1964
MILW Freight Train Manual 11-4-1974 – each schedule includes the old train number and the new number after the 1974 renumbering.  This copy was addressed to the Superintendent of the Iowa Division.  It includes some schedule updates to December 1975, but I suspect that it was only trains relevant to the area that were updated in the book.

Also see the Superintendents’ Association of Kansas City Joint Freight Time Card 67 for outbound trains from Kansas City in 1942.

Train Consists

Mobridge Car Seal Records 1942-1943

Other Resources

Freight Schedules

Railroad Paper Collectibles has freight schedules available from 1977 and 1984.

Miscellaneous has 1969 Engineering Department Employee Handbooks which contain some overviews of traffic and trains operated. has additional dispatcher sheets available.

The Cascade Rail Foundation Milwaukee Road Archive has an immense amount of information, including dispatcher sheets, train consists, carloading reports, and freight car assignments.