Penn Central

PC ML12 Carleton MI 12-1-1973 John F. Bjorklund photo

ML-12 at Carleton, Michigan on December 1, 1973. Photograph by John F. Bjorklund, collection of the Center for Railroad Photography & Art, .  Train consists for ML12 in 1963 are available here.

Freight Schedules

PC Through Freight Schedules Supplement 6-1-1972 – this is a supplement, so it is not complete.  But it helps track changes to some schedules between the full schedules that are currently available.

Other Resources has a 1968 freight schematic and 1969 and 1974 freight schedules available, along with many other documents.  (Scroll down the page to near the bottom.)

Canada Southern also has the 1974 freight schedule available.