SR Northbound Hattiesburg 7-30-1936 Otto Perry Denver Public Library

Southern northbound at Hattiesburg, MS, July 30, 1936. Otto Perry photo Denver Public Library Special Collections, OP-15287.

Freight Schedules

SOU Merchandise Car Directory 5 3-1-1959
SOU Freight Schedule 2-1-1985

Dispatcher Sheets

These scans aren’t perfect; I have to rely on Staples for scans this large, and quality varies. But most of the information is legible and it is better than nothing! At some point I’ll try to get some of them redone.

SOU Knoxville Asheville 1-13-1949 
SOU Knoxville Asheville 1-14-1949
SOU Knoxville Asheville 1-15-1949
SOU Knoxville Asheville 1-16-1949
SOU Knoxville Asheville 1-17-1949
SOU Knoxville Asheville 1-18-1949
SOU Knoxville Asheville 1-20-1949
SOU Knoxville Oakdale Jellico 1-13-1949
SOU Knoxville Oakdale Jellico 1-14-1949
SOU Knoxville Oakdale Jellico 1-15-1949
SOU Knoxville Oakdale Jellico 1-16-1949
SOU Knoxville Oakdale Jellico 1-17-1949 
SOU Knoxville Oakdale Jellico 1-18-1949

Terminal Zone Maps

SOU Knoxville Terminal Zones 5-1983

Other Sources

A 1929 and a 1979 Freight Schedule can be found at A 1975 list of freight cars assigned to customers is also available. has a 1963 Condensed Freight Schedule brochure.