Burlington Northern

Dispatcher Sheets

BN Avard Hugo 11-19-1983
BN Chicago 5-30-1984
BN Hannibal First Sub 3-11-1981
BN Hannibal Second Sub 4-2-1981
BN Hannibal Sixth Sub 3-7-1981
BN Pensacola Mobile 12-6-1983
BN Pensacola Mobile 12-13-1983
BN Pensacola Mobile 12-18-1983
BN Springfield 2nd 7th 8th 9th 10th Tulsa 4th 5th Subs 3-28-1983

Other Sources

Train Briefs (freight schedules) are available from the Pacific Northwest Railroad Archive for 1970 and 1979. Another book from 1976 covers the Pacific Northwest area.