Missouri Pacific

MP, Texarkana, Texas, 1980
Texarkana, TX, November 1980. Photograph by J. Parker Lamb, © 2016, Center for Railroad Photography and Art.


Freight Schedules

MP Eagle Merchandise Service 4-1952
MP Condensed Freight Schedule 4-21-1955
MP Circular 61 12-17-1965 – the original is missing the “A” schedule
MP Circular 61 11-22-1972 – the original is missing the “SAK” schedule

Also see the Superintendents’ Association of Kansas City Joint Freight Time Card 67 for outbound trains at Kansas City in 1942.


KCS Gulf Coast Lines Joint 50 7-23-1939
KCS Gulf Coast Lines Joint 90 3-20-1960
MP Dequincy 50 8-29-1943
MP Goose Creek Supplement to Dequincy 36 11-12-1939
MP Kingsville 47 8-28-1949
MP Kingsville Special Instructions 7 5-1-1950
MP Louisiana and Little Rock 5-15-1938
MP Palestine 46 5-15-1938
MP Palestine 6 9-24-1961
MP San Antonio 57 6-2-1946

Train Order Books

MP Joplin White River Train Order Book 9-27 to 9-30-1958
MP Joplin White River Train Order Book 1-22 to 1-25-1959
MP Joplin White River Train Order Book 7-1 to 7-3-1959
MP Joplin White River Train Order Book 5-3 to 5-5-1960
MP Sedalia White River Division Train Order Book 1-12 to 1-15-1962

Dispatcher Sheets

MP Texarkana Mineola 3-27-1981
MP Texarkana Mineola 6-6-1981


Waggoner Gates Mill, Independence Missouri 1944 Freight Bills – a flour mill’s inbound wheat shipments in 1944

Round Rock Texas, 1916 – an agent’s notebook showing a daily summary of freight cars at Round Rock, TX for two months in 1916

Other Resources

The Missouri Pacific Historical Society archives has a nice collection of dispatcher train sheets, some timetables, and a 1945 Freight Train Classifications book.

Wx4.org has a 1974 Circular 61 (Freight Schedule) and timetables here.

Thundertrain.org has an archived Arkansas Railroad Club newsletter with an article about MP operations in Arkansas in the January 1983 newsletter.