Soo Line

Soo Line Wishek ND 7-8-1980

Wishek, ND, July 8, 1980. Photograph by John F. Bjorklund, collection of the Center for Railroad Photography & Art,



WC Northern Division 12A 1-3-1909 – a scanned reproduction
SOO Minnesota 181 9-11-1949
SOO Stevens Point 51 12-1-1945

Freight Schedules

DSSA Eastbound Freight Service 9-29-1956
SOO Condensed Fast Freight Schedules 2-1-1960
SOO Condensed Fast Freight Schedules 4-1-1964 – also see a Freight Train Schematic map based on this schedule
SOO Freight Schedules 1-1-1987
SOO Sprint Schedule 4-1988
SOO SP D&RGW Freight Schedules 1989 – Soo Line, SP, and D&RGW schedules from SP’s proposal to purchase the Kansas City to Chicago route.

Train Sheets

SOO Bensenville Train Sheet 11-1-1987
SOO Bensenville Train Sheet 11-11-1987
SOO Bensenville Train Sheet 11-12-1987
SOO Bensenville Train Sheet 11-13-1987
SOO Bensenville Train Sheet 11-20-1987
SOO Bensenville Bowl Turnover 11-1 to 11-2-1987

Other Resources

Soo Line Online has several employee timetables available and has one.  These are useful as the train numbers and times seem to correspond to the trains that actually ran, which is not always the case with all railroads.

The Soo Line History group at has a 1965 Eastern Division blocking book and 1982 Schiller Park blocking instructions available in their files section. 

Railroad Paper Collectibles has freight schedules available from 1986.

Keith Meacham’s work hosted at Ron’s Rec Room has excellent information about Soo Line customers in various locations such as Manitowoc and Marshfield.

Fred Hyde’s 1993 Soo Line Review book has a summary of trains operated as of June 1, 1993 as well as some additional information about the coal trains of that time.