NY-4 in October 1961

NYC NY4 1962 Schedule

NY-4 1962 Schedule from 1964 Freight Schedule at Canada Southern

NY-4 10-2-1961 0100
NY-4 10-2-1961 2315
NY-4 10-5 to 10-29-1961

Meat, perishables, livestock, and Tarrytown autos made up the majority of NY-4’s consist out of DeWitt in October 1961.  Departing from DeWitt in the dead of night, based on the available schedules it appears it was typically a couple hours late.   Some days multiple sections were run.

Some of the reefer and stock cars listed include information about the shipper as well as the consignee.  As expected, most of the produce originated in California and the meat from Midwest packing plants.

NYC NY4 1955 ScheduleNY-4 1955 Schedule.  At this time it ran via the Lake Shore, but by 1961 was running on the Michigan Central.