PRR 5921 Chicago 9-22-1946 L Lucy photo Gene Connelly collection
L. Lucy photo, Gene Connelly collection.

Freight Schedules

PRR Through Freight Schedules 8-15-1941
PRR Maryland Division Timetable of Freight Trains 11-23-1949 – includes blocking instructions
PRR Lake Region Arranged Freight Train Service 3-30-1956
PRR Merchandise Service Directory 1-1-1957
PRR Lake Region Arranged Freight Train Service 4-28-1957
PRR Freight Trains Schedule 1960 – this is a schedule compiled by Mark Bej and posted online years ago.  I do not have permission to post it; the email listed is no longer valid.  In my opinion, this is a work of art.  Mark Bej cross checked every connecting train listed for each schedule and noted any inconsistencies.  The links do not work in this saved copy of course, but when online it was easy to use because Mark inserted links for easy navigation.  And I can’t imagine the time it took to type and format the hundreds of pages of schedules.  I am posting this because I feel such work should not be lost.  My hope is Mark originally shared it because he wished for everyone to benefit from his efforts.  

Station Record of Train Movements

Summit Station, OH – a look at the Columbus & Newark triple track around 1960

Train Consists

PRR EJ Armstrong Conductor Car Report 2-19 to 3-15-1900 – Conductor Armstrong was working an overnight switcher transferring cars between Meadows Yard and Harsimus Cove or Jersey City.

PRR George C. Brown Conductor Car Report 10-3 to 1-7-1922 – Conductor Brown worked through trains between Altoona and Pittsburgh and then coal runs out of Youngwood Yard.

Pennsylvania Train Consists – A collection of train consists from the 1960’s from the Pennsylvania area.

PRR Harsimus Cove float consists 10-16-1967 – consists of westbound carfloats to Harsimus Cove
PRR Harsimus Cove misc consists late 1967 – a few miscellaneous consists / switch lists
PC Harsimus Cove Westward Consists 2-7-1968 – while this is Penn Central, operations here are basically the same at this time


PRR Freight Trains and Cars Handled Through Important Yards September 1941 – this shows the number of trains operated and number of cars handled on each route into major PRR terminals.  It also includes cars interchanged to other railroads, and thus provides a great view of the overall traffic flows of the time.  A few of the pages also have updates to October 1942.


Philadelphia and Erie Western Division 23 9-5-1869
Vandalia Railroad St. Louis Division 4 11-26-1911

Other Resources

Jerry Britton’s The Pennsy Modeler is the authoritative source for PRR information.  He has graciously preserved much of the information from the Keystone Crossings site.  Many freight schedules can be found here along with other information. has a collection of block operator sheets, timetables, track charts, and other PRR documents.