Southern Pacific

Freight Schedules

SP Through Manifest Merchandise Perishable Freight Schedule 19 3-6-1960
SP Condensed Freight Schedules early 1960s (my best guess) – this is a list that was compiled by author Dave Stanley.  It does not include T&NO or SSW trains except those that operate on Southern Pacific proper.  You can see a video interview with him here.
SP Through Manifest Merchandise Perishable Freight Schedule 24 10-15-1966
SP Freight Train Schedules 8-31-1972
SP Old and New Train Symbols 1-11-1974  A list of the original train names and new corresponding train symbols when SP converted to their alpha system.
SP Eugene Blocking Instructions 6-25-1975 Train schedules, bowl assignments, and blocking instructions for Eugene Yard
SP Condensed Perishable Merchandise Manifest 29 9-1-1977
SP Freight Train Schedules 7-10-1978
SP System Blocking Book 3-31-1987  I don’t think this shows short distance manifest schedules, but it has blocking and schedules for intermodal and primary trains
SP SOO DRGW Freight Schedules 1989 – these schedules were part of the proposal to purchase the Soo Line former Milwaukee Road Chicago to Kansas City line.
SP System Blocking Book 5-22-1992
SP System Blocking Book 8-10-1995

Dispatcher Sheets

Southern Pacific Dispatcher Sheets of Central Texas
Southern Pacific Dispatcher Sheets of West Texas

Train Consists

SP former SA&AP Consist Book – a freight train conductor’s book from 1926 working on former San Antonio & Aransas Pass territory.


SP Dallas and Austin 11 3-1-1938 – my token contribution to the online world, quite insignificant compared to the massive collection available at


SP Galena Park 6-1986


Wyatt Metal & Boiler, Houston Texas

Other Resources has a very large collection of employee timetables, additional SPINS books, and much additional information as well.

The Huntington Library has a 1925 map of Los Angeles industries.