Union Pacific

Freight Schedules

UP Merchandise Car Schedule 9-1-1953
UP Perishable Freight Schedule 5-15-1937
UP Perishable and Manifest Schedules 19 9-1-1964
UP Perishable and Manifest Schedules 22 9-1-1970
UP Freight Train Schedules 9-1-1978
UP Freight Train Schedules 10-1-1979

Other Resources

Wx4.org has a huge collection of employee timetables on multiple pages and a perishable and manifest schedule for 1971 located under the miscellaneous railroad timetables section of this page.

John Carr has “A Day on the Union Pacific” describing the trains of August 7, 1987.  He also published a Union Pacific freight symbol history book and a Powder River coal train operations book in the past.