Texas & Pacific

T&P Abilene TX Denver Public Library Special Collections
Abilene, TX January 13, 1941.  Robert Richardson photo, Denver Public Library Special Collections.



T&P Eastern 30 7-13-1947
T&P Louisiana 56 6-9-1940

Dispatcher Sheets

T&P Baird District 3-26-1887
T&P Baird District 3-27-1887 – a scan of a photocopy
T&P Texarkana Mineola 6-25-1958
T&P Red River Branches 8-17-1966

Train Order Books

T&P Baird Sierra Blanca 8-8 to 8-11-1963

Time Books

Andy McCracken Time Book – Andy worked between Fort Worth and Baird during 1919 and 1920.


Wyatt Metal & Boiler, Dallas Texas

Other Resources

There is a large collection of T&P timetables courtesy of Kenneth and David Moore at wx4.org.