Santa Fe

Freight Schedules

AT&SF California Freight Schematic Map 4-1938 – from a California Railroad Commission report titled Railroad Freight Operations in California
AT&SF Freight Schedule Update Pages 1963-1966 – these are schedule updates to place into a Circular 231 book so they are not complete but do cover many trains
AT&SF Freight Schedules 1-1-1968
AT&SF Condensed Freight Schedules and New Numbers Conversion 1-1-1971
AT&SF Freight Schedules 7-1-1975 updated to 6-30-1976
AT&SF Freight Schedules 8-1-1977
AT&SF Freight Schedules 1-1-1981
AT&SF Freight Schedules 10-1-1983 – includes some November updates at the end of the book
AT&SF Freight Schedules 6-29-1989

Also see the Superintendent’s Association of Kansas City Joint Freight Time Card 67 for outbound trains from Kansas City in 1942.

Time Books

AT&SF Temple, TX January to June 1930
AT&SF Illinois Division Carl Nave 1959 – for thorough coverage of Illinois Division operations from employee timebooks of this era, refer to the Illinois Division by James Brown.

Train Consists

Temple, TX Consists 1907-1909
Harrison B. Decker Form 808 – Conductor Decker was working the Joint Line in 1937 and 1938.


AT&SF Freight Shippers Guide 1934


AT&SF Cars Through Englewood CO 4-1 to 7-10-1978
AT&SF San Bernardino misc status reports 7-30 to 8-14-1942

Other Resources

The Santa Fe Railway Historical and Modeling Society has condensed freight schedules from 1949 and 1955 as well as a 1946 merchandise car schedule. has a very large collection of employee timetables.  They also have a large collection of CLIC books and a 1990 Freight Schedule here.

The National Railway Historical Society’s magazine National Railway Bulletin vol. 63 number 6 from 1998 has an article about red ball freight operations in the 1940’s.

The Illinois Division by James A. Brown has thorough coverage of freight operations on the Illinois Division.