Norfolk & Western

H. Reid of Norfolk VA photo from Gene Connelly collection.

Freight Schedules

N&W Freight Train Classifications for Yards 4-25-1939
N&W Freight Train Schedules 12-1957
N&W Freight Timetable 8-1962
N&W Freight Train Schedules 10-1-1969
N&W Freight Train Schedules 4-15-1973
N&W Freight Train Schedules 4-1-1977
N&W Freight Train Schedules 6-1-1982


N&W Time Book 1 (unknown date)
N&W Western Division 7 2-9-1890

Tower Sheets

N&W Worthington Tower 8-9 to 8-17-1968 – August 10th is missing.
N&W Worthington Tower miscellaneous dates 8-1968 & 10-1968


N&W Wickliffe Willoughby Mentor OH Carloads Mar Apr 1969
N&W Program for International Containerization 6-1-1972

Other Resources has a set of Freight Train Classifications for Yards books from 1939-1958 for the Shenandoah Division on this page. There is also a large collection of early Shenandoah Division timetables.