New York Central


Chatham, NY 1965 – 1966 inbound carloads

Freight Timetables

LS&MS Freight Train Book 1 5-25-1903
CCC&StL Symbol Train Schedules 4-25-1926
Michigan Central Freight Train Book 5 8-15-1925 updated to 5-15-1931
NYC Through Freight Schedules 8-1-1955 – unfortunately the original is missing page two
NYC Through Freight Schedules 6-20-1965 Supplement – this is a supplement, so it only includes changed pages to be inserted into the 1964 binder

Train Consists

ML12 in February 1963
WD1 in November 1962


CCC&StL Chicago White Water 94 11-10-1918
CCC&StL Chicago White Water 113 4-25-1926
CCC&StL Cleveland-Indianapolis Division 75 7-5-1914
CCC&StL Cleveland-Indianapolis Division 107 4-25-1926
CCC&StL Indiana Division 4 9-30-1934

Freight Claim Agent Manual

NYC Toledo Freight Claim Agent Manual ~1962

While this may not sound particularly interesting, several sections give valuable information about NYC operations.  Highlights include:

pg. 19 – 26: information about livestock operations
pg. 33 – 43: lists of all grain elevators in major cities served by the NYC, including serving railroad and capacity.  Also includes specific tonnage information handled by each mode of transportation in Toledo for many years.
pg. 64 – 76: car forwarder companies shipping on NYC and routes operated.  Includes a list of all Universal Carloading and Distributing Co. locations across the US and railroad serving each location.
pg. 85 – 86: origin locations and brand names of sugar originated in Cuba and carfloated to Florida by the West India Fruit and Steamship Company.
pg. 96: principal industries located on the Niagara Junction Railroad.


NYC&HR Station Numbers 4-1-1914
NYC Freight Train Performance March 1960

Other Resources

The Canada Southern Railway page has a fantastic variety of NYC freight related material including consists, waybills, and freight schedules, and an excellent collection of timetables for the entire system.

The Canadian Pacific Historical Society has a 1967 Freight Schedule in their documents library.

Central Artery has great information and analysis of freight traffic flows primarily in the 1960’s over the B&A.