Hortonville, WI


Image courtesy Hortonville Public Library

1960 & 1962 Carload Traffic

CNW Hortonville Larsen Medina carloads 1960
CNW Hortonville Larsen Medina carloads 1962

In the early 1960’s, the C&NW Hortonville station agent handled the billing for Hortonville, Medina, and Larsen.  These demurrage reports show all the carloads loaded and unloaded at these stations, contents, and customer.  They also show inbound and outbound trains.  Unfortunately, the origin or destination of the shipments only indicates the city and not a specific business, but this still gives a good indication of activity on this line.  The reports for September 1962 are missing.

Here are a few of the major customers of the area:

Fox Valley Canning Co., Hortonville

fox valley canning

Founded in 1922, the Fox Valley Canning Company canned beans, sauerkraut, beets, carrots, corn, and soybeans.  Their traffic consists mainly of inbound cans from Green Bay and salt.  Outbound traffic is canned goods and is seasonal in nature.

Gelhar Sand Co., Larsen

Gelhar Shovel

Opened in 1948, Gelhar Sand supplied foundry sand to various customers around the western Great Lakes.  Their customers appear to be regular buyers as the same destination cities occur regularly.

Hortonville Manufacturing Co.

Hortonville Manufacturing

Image courtesy Hortonville Historical Society & Preservation Facebook Page.

Began in the 1940’s, Hortonville Manufacturing made American Toy and Furniture toys.  Inbound carloads of lumber were received, and outbound loads of toys were shipped, sometimes in the same boxcars that had brought lumber or Masonite.