NYC Chatham NY Carloads

NYC Shipment Notification Book

NYC Chatham, NY Area Inbound Carloads 1965 – 1966

The following carloads are from a Chatham station agent’s book of shipment arrival notification forms.  From what I can tell these were mostly used to notify consignees when shipments arrived in the area.

I suspect many if not most of these customers were receiving shipments at team tracks.  Some of the addresses are for communities not on the railroad.  And the commodities and consignees fit small team track type customers.

NYC Shipment Info

The information contained on each form varied in its completeness by agents and times.  Sometimes the shipment’s origin was given, whereas other times it was not.   For a time in March 1966 the agent didn’t fill in the specific date.  And sometimes an individual associated with a company was used on the address, sometimes the company name, and sometimes both, so there may be a few duplications or errors.

Below is a summary of each customer’s carloads by date, car number, commodity, and origin when available.  It paints a good picture of the rural nature of the traffic in the area.

Agway, Chatham NY

1/18/1966: MILW 37620 Oats, Syracuse NY
1/27/1966: NW 377112 Dried Beet Pulp, Fremont OH.  This was either a Great Lakes Sugar Co. or Northern Ohio Sugar Co. plant at the time.
1/29/1966: NH 34458 Corn, Dewlight IL (the writing is fairly clear but Dewlight doesn’t seem to exist)
2/14/1966: ATSF 142330 Beet Pulp, Fremont OH
2/14/1966: NYC 71976 Beet Pulp, Fremont OH
2/21/1966: PRR 77305 Grass Seed, Plymouth IN
2/28/1966: RI 21021 Beet Pulp, Findlay OH.  I believe this was a Northern Ohio Sugar Co. plant.
3/1966: MSTL 54020 Corn, Missouri Valley IA

Bervy Equipment Co., Chatham NY

2/7/1966: IC 62445 Tractors, Aladdin IA.  These are most likely John Deere from their Waterloo area plant.  See the comments about the next carload below.
2/14/1966: OTTX 90414 Tractors, Aladdin IA.  These are also John Deere tractors from Waterloo.  From a visitor:
“John Deere in 1965 had the Waterloo facility that made tractors and engines. It was served by the Rock Island and the Waterloo Railroad (WLO) with additional connections to the IC and CNW. The 1970 Rock Island customer industrial directory has Alladin, IA listed and says see Waterloo IA. The RI was starting to use the new OTTX series flats for Caterpillar, International Harvester and John Deere shipments out of Waterloo (Aladdin), Rock Island, IL, Moline, IL and Joliet, IL. I’m going to bet that these are shipments are from John Deere on the IC (IC 62445) and the RI (OTTX 90414) and billed from Aladdin IA east to you.”  Thank you for the information!
3/1/1966: CBQ 94280 Machinery, East Moline IL.  Car set out at Canajoharie NY.
3/1966: NYC 41883 Machinery, Moline IL
3/25/1966: OTTX 91997 Tractors
4/1/1966: NYC 40662 Farm Implements, Moline IL
5/2/1966: EL 68909 Farm Machinery
5/16/1966: OTTX 90812 Farm Implements, Iowa (only location given)

Blanchard Lumber Co. (no location given)

3/20/1966: GN 54116 Lumber, Bronx NY.   A note says partial unloading, and the car is also addressed to Greenport Lumber Co of Greenport, NY.  I suspect the Bronx origination is either where the car had been previously partially unloaded or possibly an original destination that got changed through a diversion order.

C. Foss, Chatham NY

1/4/1966: LV 62984 Lumber, Dillard OR.  This car was shared with Cozzalino Construction Corp.

Columbia Tractors, Kinderhook NY

9/4/1965: GN 64523 Tractors, East Moline IL.  These would be John Deere tractors manufactured in East Moline.
12/27/1965: CBQ 94413 Tractors, Rock Island IL.  These are probably Farmall tractors.
3/9/1966: OTTX 90182 Agricultural Machinery, Memphis TN
3/30/1966: MILW 66194 Farm Equipment, East Moline IL

Cozzalino Construction Corp., Rensselaer NY

1/4/1966: LV 62984 Lumber, Dillard OR.  This car was shared with C. Foss.

Dorns Lumber and Supply, East Greenbush NY

11/8/1965: NYC 166796 Lumber, Albany OR
11/15/1965: SP 173196 Plywood, Griggs OR
11/22/1965: CN 521318 Lumber, Burns Lake British Columbia
11/29/1965: SOU 30797 Insulation, Laurel MS
11/29/1965: GN 18655 Lumber, North Lapwai ID
11/29/1965: NP 2463 Lumber, Albany NY
12/27/1965: NP 3070 Plywood, Jaype ID
1/10/1966: IC 24151 Plywood, (illegible) ID
1/17/1966: NP 37102 Lumber, Albany OR.  A note says the car was spotted at Brookview NY.
1/24/1966: NP 8296 Lumber, Elgin OR
1/27/1966: SP 208385 Plywood, (illegible) OR.  The car was spotted at Niverville.
2/7/1966: SP 100216 Lumber, Eugene OR.  The car was spotted at Brookview.
2/14/1966: PRR 82855 Plywood, Elgin OR
2/28/1966: NP 8191 Lumber, Lewiston ID
2/28/1966: BO 298874 Wallboard, (illegible) PA
3/7/1966: SP 178171 Plywood, Albany OR
3/7/1966: UP 163446 Lumber, Greenville CA
3/7/1966: CN 588777 Lumber, Dominion Mills, British Columbia.  This is probably the Canadian White Pine Mill in Vancouver located at the site of the pre-Depression Dominion Mills.
3/7/1966: GN 3257 Lumber, Boise Cascade (no location given)

Edward Myers, Niverville NY

4/1/1966: WFE 67831 Seed Potatoes
4/5/1966: FGE 35965 Seed Potatoes, St. Thomas ND

Elbe Lumber Co., Castleton NY

3/20/1966: SP 508062 Plywood, Eugene OR.  Stewart & Sons is also listed as an adressee.

Fleetwood Farms, Ghent NY

10/7/1965: MKT 99257 Peanut Hulls.  While no origin is given, it is possible this car did originate on the MKT in Central Texas where peanuts are grown.
2/14/1966: ACL 31146 Peanut Hulls

George Norris, Niverville NY

3/25/1966: ATSF 91087 Grain Dryers

George Stearns, Batavia NY

3/1966: IC 18211 Seed Corn, Flora IN

Hicks Lumber Co., North Lebanon NY

4/5/1966: SP 177885 Plywood, Griggs OR

Hoags Lumber Co., West Lebanon NY

4/25/1966: CN 471498 Lumber

Joesph Slovak, Shodack Landing, NY

9/13/1965: SAL 21465 Crates

Johnson Lumber Co., Caanan NY

9/7/1965: NYC 172059 Cement, Hudson NY
3/4/1966: NYC 76788 Wallboard

Home Food Service, Chatham NY

9/4/1965: PLE 21002 Refrigerators, Manitowoc WI.  This car almost certainly originated at The Manitowoc Company, a commercial refrigerator manufacturer.

Keil Farm Equipment, Chatham NY

10/11/1965: CN 662347 Farm Machines, Hamilton Ontario.  This probably came from the International Harvester plant in Hamilton.

Keil Farm Supply, Hudson NY

3/20/1966: SP 563975 Machinery, Memphis TN.  A note says this is for partial unloading.

Ken McGee Chemical c/o Hubbard Hall Co., Chatham NY

1/18/1966: CP 385910 Potash, (illegible) Saskatchewan
1/18/1966: ACL 86137 Super Phosphate, Brewster FL
3/21/1966: ACL 89269 Super Phosphate

Kinderhook Pomological Association, Kinderhook NY

1/24/1966: NYC 207185 Seed Oats, Syracuse NY.  A note says the car is spotted at Niverville.

Lebanon Valley Lumber Co., New Lebanon NY

11/24/1965: SP 219391 Plasterboard

Mid States Lumber Co., Castleton NY

9/7/1965: GN 15079 Lumber, Morton WA.  This car was partially unloaded at Niverville and then respotted at Castleton on 9/13.
9/13/1965: SP 98066 Lumber
9/13/1965: NYC 70327 Lumber
9/13/1965: GN 15079 Lumber, Morton WA.  This car was partially unloaded at Mid States in Niverville.
10/12/1965: MILW 35281 Lumber
10/20/1965: SP 205531 Lumber.  From the Holbrook Lumber Company, probably from Albany NY.
12/28/1965: SOU 11806 Lumber, Gibbs ID
1/5/1966: UP 162387 Plywood, (illegible) OR
2/7/1966: CO 282730 Lumber, Huetter ID.  This car was spotted in Niverville.
2/23/1966: GN 17521 Oak Flooring, Fulton AL
2/23/1966: SP 177916 Lumber, Eugene OR
3/9/1966: NYC 170063 Lumber, Lagrande OR
4/14/1966: MILW 15411 Sash

Natural Cylinder Gas, Stuyvesant Falls NY

6/20/1966: IC 95100 Pipe
6/20/1966: IC 37107 Machinery

New Concord Producers Coop, East Chatham NY (includes Maurice Arrighi who appears to be associated with the operation)

9/4/1965: CP 380096 Feed, Richford VT.  These cars would’ve came from the H.K. Webster feed mill located on the CP in Richford.  This was a former Quaker Oats facility that would become Blue Seal Feeds.
11/29/1965: CP 380096 Feed, Richford VT
12/30/1965: CP 380969 Feed, Richford VT (shipment addressed to Maurice Arrighi)
1/17/1966: CP 380965 Feed, Richford VT
2/16/1966: CP 380444 Feed, Richford VT
3/7/1966: GTW 113820 Feed, Richford VT
3/25/1966: CP 380858 Bulk Feed, Richford VT
4/28/1966: CP 380317 Feed

New York State Electric and Gas, Chatham NY

2/2/1966: GMO 52450 Cross Arms, Jackson TN
7/11/1966: BO 470966 Cross Arms

Paul Drum, Niverville NY

12/20/1965: DLW 55172 Beet Pulp, Croswell MI.  This would’ve come from the Michigan Sugar plant in Croswell, a sugar beet processor.

Prior and Williams Lumber Co., North Chatham NY

12/29/1965: GTW 591377 Plasterboard, Clarence Center NY.  This was the location of a National Gypsum plant.
2/7/1966: GN 44108 Lumber, Potlatch ID.  Car was spotted at Niverville.
2/10/1966: CP 225065 Lumber, Westley British Columbia.  Car spotted at Niverville.
2/14/1966: GTW 591471 Wallboard, Buffalo NY
2/21/1966: NP 8191 Lumber, Lewiston ID
2/21/1966: SP 176811 Lumber, Pondosa CA.  This car came from the Cheney-Grant Lumber Co. located on the McCloud River Railroad.
3/1966: NYC 169755 Lumber, Albany NY.   This car also had Blanchard Distribution on the address card along with Prior and Williams.
3/20/1966: CN 521777 Lumber, Otway British Columbia.  This car also had Carlos Ruggles Lumber Co. on the address card.

Richard Ellers, Shodack Landing, NY

3/30/1966: RI 21620 Fertilizer
3/30/1966: UTLX 92326 Ammonia
4/1/1966: UTLX 94338 Ammonia
4/1/1966: DH 17869 Fertilizer
4/4/1966: BO 294949 Fertilizer.  This car and the next came from an Agrico Chemical facility but no information given about which one.
4/4/1966: MSTL 53696 Fertilizer
4/25/1966: UTLX 88620 Ammonia.  This car has Castleton as his location.

Rock City Farm Equipment, Old Chatham NY

9/15/1965: OTTX 90925 Tractors
5/4/1966: GMO 70623 Farm Implements, Independence MO.  This would be from the Gleaner Manufacturing plant owned by Allis Chalmers at the time, a maker of self propelled combines.

Spring Valley Dairy, Brookview NY

12/9/1965: B&O 465539 Feed, Minneapolis MN
2/23/1966: MILW 29419 Feed, Minneapolis MN
7/11/1966: NP 24584 Feed

Spring Valley Dairy, Castleton NY

10/11/1965: CN 542485 Feed

Tipple Farm Equipment, Mellenville NY

5/4/1966: RI 90199 Farm Machines, Hesston KS.  This would be from the Hesston Manufacturing Company.

W.B. Hicks Lumber Co., West Lebanon NY

10/29/1965: SP 211592 Plywood, Griggs OR

Wirthmore Feed, Chatham NY

9/1/1965: CNW 87796 Shavings, Ellsworth ME
9/1/1965: NW 219204 Feed, St. Albans VT

NYC Shipment Address