WD-1 in November 1962

WD-1 1964 Schedule

WD-1 1964 Schedule Page from Canada Southern

NYC WD-1 Consists 11-1962

Here is a collection of several WD-1 consists from November 1962.  During 1964, the closest schedule that I have available, the NYC was running two daily trains from Weehawken to DeWitt.   WD-3 departed Weehawken in the evening and (at least by 1964) appears to be a priority traffic train of Flexi-Vans and perishables, while WD-1 handled all the rest.  The schedule above also shows WD-1 handling Flexi-Vans, but at least in November 1962, this was not happening.

Scheduled to depart each morning at 06:00, each consist does show a crew called for that time.  A summary of the trains’ totals:

  • Monday, November 12: 33 loads, 28 empties, 3640 tons
  • Tuesday, November 13: 56 loads, 37 empties, 4020 tons
  • Wednesday, November 14: 81 loads, 45 empties, 5840 tons
  • Thursday, November 15: 31 loads, 38 empties, 3600 tons
  • Saturday, November 24: 32 loads, 101 empties, 4450 tons
  • Sunday, November 25: 33 loads, 62 empties, 3875 tons

Some of the highlights:

Revere Ware Rome Stamp

Copper to Revere Copper and Brass in Rome, NY

Revere Ware cookware was manufactured in Rome, NY at Revere Copper and Brass.  This company traces its heritage to Paul Revere himself who rolled America’s first copper.  Besides Revere Copper and Brass, copper and copper bars also went to General Cable / Rome Cable and General Electric plants.  Rome was nicknamed “Copper City”.

Revere Copper and Brass Carloads


Breck Shampoo Bottles

Bottles To John H. Breck in West Springfield, MA

The shampoo maker, famous for its Breck Girls, received glass bottles handled by WD-1.  This was the twilight of the original company, as it would be sold to American Cyanamid in 1963.

Breck also used Flexi-Vans to ship outbound product from West Springfield.


John H Breck Carloads