Cotton Belt


Dispatcher Train Sheets

SSW Pine Bluff Texarkana Shreveport 10-20-1972
SSW Pine Bluff Texarkana Shreveport 10-21-1972

Freight Schedules

SSW Condensed Freight Schedules 11-15-1954
SSW Merchandise and TOFC Schedule 5-1957
SSW Condensed Freight Schedules 1-1965
SSW Freight Train Schedules 8-31-1972 -this is an excerpt from the SP schedule book to make it easier to find schedules when examining the dispatcher sheets above


SSW Northern Division 8 10-4-1942

Other Resources

Fred Frailey’s classic book Southern Pacific’s Blue Streak Merchandise: Six decades of the Great American Freight Train covers the Blue Streak in its various forms and gives information about many other Cotton Belt schedules.

John Carr’s Carr Tracks has an extensive symbol history of SP and SSW trains.