Cotton Belt


Dispatcher Train Sheets

SSW Pine Bluff Texarkana Shreveport 10-20-1972
SSW Pine Bluff Texarkana Shreveport 10-21-1972

Freight Schedules

SSW Condensed Freight Schedules 11-15-1954
SSW Merchandise and TOFC Schedule 5-1957
SSW Condensed Freight Schedules 1-1965
SSW Freight Train Schedules 8-31-1972 -this is an excerpt from the SP schedule book to make it easier to find schedules when examining the dispatcher sheets above


SSW Northern Division 8 10-4-1942

Other Resources

Fred Frailey’s classic book Southern Pacific’s Blue Streak Merchandise: Six decades of the Great American Freight Train covers the Blue Streak in its various forms and gives information about many other Cotton Belt schedules.