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MKT Crowder 1981 John F. Bjorklund photo Center for Railroad Photography and Art
Crowder, OK 1981.  John F. Bjorklund photo, Center for Railroad Photography and Art.

Freight Schedules

MKT Merchandise Car Schedules 2-1-1951
MKT Freight Train Schedules 2-1-1975

Also see the Superintendents’ Association of Kansas City Joint Freight Time Card 67 for trains departing Kansas City in 1942.


MKT South Texas Division 26-A 6-1-1952
MKT System 1 1-26-1975
MKT System 2 10-26-1975


Wyatt Metal & Boiler, Houston Texas

Other Resources

The September 1986 Trains has an article about Texas train order operations in 1985.

Wx4.org has many MKT timetables here.