Hinsdale Customers

Ashuelot Paper
Ashuelot Paper, Scott Whitney photo

B&M Hinsdale Location of Cars on Hand Aug to Oct 1973
(courtesy of Scott Whitney at nmro.org)

Above are daily reports showing cars spotted in the Hinsdale, NH area on the B&M Ashuelot Branch.  Below is a summary of the customers of the area.  For more information, check out Scott Whitney’s article “The Ashuelot: A branchline adventure” in the May 1997 Railroad Model Craftsman.

Fort Hill:

Hinsdale Products: a paper mill that received inbound waste paper.


G.E. Robertson Paper Co.:  inbound coal and waste paper, outbound paper products.  Used a track at the depot for unloading and loading.

Between Hinsdale and Ashuelot:

Ashuelot Paper Company: inbound fuel oil, waste paper, and outbound tissue.

Paper Service Company: outbound tissue.  The railroad called this location Pisgah.


Wood Flour Inc.: produced wood flour, finely ground wood, used in the manufacture of dynamite.  Inbound carloads of sawdust, and outbound carloads of wood flour.

A.C. Lawrence: a tannery that received inbound loads of salt and hides.

Winchester Box: a box factory that ships occasional boxcars of boxes.

Paper Service Company
Paper Service Company, Scott Whitney photo.