B&O Customers in Huntington, WV

Here is a collection of inbound and outbound B&O customer car counts for the Huntington, WV area for the years 1949 and 1950 broken down month by month.  Each card shows whether the customer has a private siding or uses a team track and whether the customer is located on the B&O or C&O.  If the customer is on the B&O, it also shows how many cars the B&O handled through reciprocal switching.

B&O Huntington Customer Car Counts 1949 – 1950

To learn more about Huntington, Doug Bess from WVrails.net has several posts on Huntington and one on Point Pleasant:

Huntington, WV Part One
Huntington, WV Part Two
Huntington, WV Part Three
Point Pleasant, WV

The Lost Huntington series from The Herald-Dispatch has profiles of many of the industries shown on the customer cards.  For example, here is their profile for Owens Illinois Glass, one of the large shippers of the time.

An interesting article about wholesale produce markets in 1955 says Huntington received 1700 carloads of produce in 1949.  It appears the B&O handled about 175 – 200 of these carloads leaving the C&O to handle the vast majority.  This is perhaps not surprising considering Huntington’s location on the C&O main rather than on the B&O Ohio River Branch.  Lost Huntington also has an article about the city market.


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